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The Garston & District Historical Society has an extensive range of publications for sale. Do feel free to browse, using the slide shows opposite, our list of monographs, books, DVDs and VHS videos about Garston. Should you wish to purchase any of these items, please contact the Society with your order details using the contact link on the left. We will then contact you regarding total delivery costs.

Please note :
Listed Prices exclude postage and packaging and any currency conversion costs.

OLD PHOTOGRAPHS SERIES: 150+ old photos of Garston in book:
A1. GARSTON REVISITED (2007), 128 pages of photos: £12.99 GBP


A4. In My Liverpool Home by Roy Lenton £3.50 GBP
A5. The History of Garston & District Co-operative Society (1884-1934) £4 GBP
A6. Blackwell's Metalurgical Works £2 GBP
A7. Dungeon Salt Works £2 GBP
A9. Up The Village and Down The Shore by John P Jackson £3.50 GBP
A10 The Story of Garston and Its Church - by the Rev Swift, 225 pages : £12 GBP Reduced
Facsimile reprint of the book, first published in 1937, and now available jointly through GDHS & St Michael's Church.
A11 The Story of Garston - The Middle Ages to Present Day : DVD £8 GBP.
A12 Garston Railways : DVD £8 GBP
A13 The Tenement Kid: Growing up in 1950s Garston by Brian Daley.£3.50 GBP
A15 Battling Bessie by Rev D Ben Rees: Biography of Bessie Braddock . £5.95 GBP
The Memories of a Spitfire Pilot by Bill Jones £3.00 GBP
A History of Garston Parish Church Tower, Bells and Ringers by Peter Furniss,
Tower Captain. £3.00 GBP

A18. Memories of my Life in Garston by Eileen James nee Venables. £3.00 GBP
The Salt of the Earth : Garston Under the Bridge by David Crumpton £3.00 GBP
The Shipbreakers of Garston Shore by Brian P. Carlyon. £8.00 GBP. Includes 38 min DVD.
A21. Early Childhood Memories of WW2 Garston & Some Poems by Margaret Hill nee Athy ( 2014) £2
THE TANK:The Story of ther famous Garston Gasworks Football Club (1900 to 1940) by Tommy Barnes ( 2014) £5.
A23 The Life & Times of a Garston Nobody by Elsie Willis nee Holding (2014) £4.
A24 The WW1 memorials of Garston: Volume 1 : St Michael's Church £5.
A25 The Liverpool Blitz - A personal experience. (2016) £2.50.
A26 The Wright Stuff by Dave Joy. £3.
A27 Letters from the Front ( WW1) of Pvt Ted Kinder by Joan Thomas £4.50

A1. Latest collection of old photos, published September 2007

B1. The Liverpool Zoological Park Issue 1 (Nov 1999) £1.70 GBP
B2. Garston Farms & Past Inhabitants Issue 2 (April 2000) £1.70 GBP
B3. St Mary's Road Issue 3 (Jan 2001) £2.00 GBP
B4. Garston Reminiscences Issue 4 (Jan 2001) £2.50 GBP
B5. The Economic Estate Issue 5 (June 2001) £2.50 GBP
B6. Garston's Industries Part 1 Issue 6 (June 2001) £2.50 GBP
B7. Speke Road Issue 7 (Oct 2001) £2.00 GBP
B8. St Mary's Road Reminiscences Issue 8 (Oct 2001) £2.50 GBP
B9. Entertainment Issue 9 (Feb 2002) £2.50 GBP
B10. Woolton Road Issue 10 (Feb 2002) £2.50 GBP
B11. Aigburth Road Issue 11 (Nov 2002) £2.50 GBP
B12. Mather Avenue Issue 12 (Nov 2002) £2.50 GBP
B13. 800 Years of Garston Mill Issue 13 (Feb 2004) £2.50 GBP
B14. Swimming in Garston Issue 14 (Oct 2004) £3 GBP
B15. Lost Houses 'Under the Bridge' Issue 15 (Oct 2004) £3 GBP
B16. Timeline Issue 16 (Oct 2004) £3 GBP
B17. Garston From Medieval Times Issue 17 (Oct 2004) £3 GBP
B18. My Childhood Memories of World War 11 Issue 18 (March 2006) £3 GBP (By Margaret Brett)
B19. Between the Gas Works and the Church Issue 19 (March 2006) £3 GBP (By Mike Axworthy)
B20. Trouble at the Bobbin Works Issue 20 (May 2006) £3 GBP
B21. The Tragic sinking of the SS Zent ( January 2014 ) £2 GBP
B22 Cowkeepers of Garston (2016) £3 GBP
B23 Origins & History of Francis Morton & Co. (2015) £2.50 GBP.

B1. History of Liverpool Zoo

ARCHIVE LEAFLETS : A brief review of a given subject . All @ £ 0.50 GBP each:
C1. The Leading Light
C2. The Reading Room - Garston's First Community Centre.
See also D1 below
C3. Was Garston's Economy Built on Shifting Sands?
C4. Wilson Brothers Ltd - Bobbins & Shuttles
C5. More About Moreton
C6. Copper For The World
C7. The Garston Brick Fields
C8. Garston's River
C9. Garston Parish Church (St Michael) AD 1225
C10. La Sagesse
C11. Garston Gas Works
C12. Bryant & May
C13. A Mill Stone For The Millstones
C14. Garston By-Pass
C15. On The Street Where You Live
C16. Land Mine in Garston Gas Works
C17. Messrs Mapleton's Nut Food Company Ltd
C18. The Florence Maybrick Case
C19. I M Marsh College and its Founder Miss Irene Marsh
C20. Smiths of Garston Ltd ( see below D3)
C21 Opening of Stalbridge Dock


C23. Special Edition of the GARSTON NEWS ( 44 pages of nostalgia) £0.50 GBP

ARCHIVES PLUS SERIES : An extended review of a given topic : ALL AT £1 EACH

The Reading Room.
A Memory of another Liverpool " Wireless Wizard"
Smiths of Garston ( extended version of C20)
D4 When Wainwright Comes Out

C1 Relocation of Garston Dock's Leading Light

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