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WW1 Research

World War One War Memorials Research

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of what later came to be called World War One, the Garston & District Historical Society decided to set up a Garston Township War Memorials research project. The objective being to research the names on various war memorials in Garston. We decided to start with the one with the most
names : St Michael's Church of England Church. This memorial is really a Garston WW1 memorial in that it includes the names of men who were members of other Christian denominations including Roman Catholic who were not members of the Church of England.

1. St Michael's Church of England Parish Church Garston, Liverpool

With the permission of the vicar the Rev. Roland Harvery, the Garston & District Historical Society started in January 2013 to research the names of the war dead listed on the WW1 War Memorial at St Michael's Church, Garston, Liverpool.

WW1 War Memorial at St Michael, Garston Liverpool

At the start of the project all we had was a list of names on the memorial. These were transcribed into our Excel spreadsheet database. There are some 227 War dead names on the memorial. These were allocated amongst 10 of our members to research in more detail. The objective of the work was to learn more about these people and their families and to publish this work as a contribution from the Garston & District Historical Society to commemorate both their lives and sacrifice.

Below is a list of all the names on the St Michael's Garston War Memorial. By November 2013, basic research was completed on most of the names on the memorial. In order to try an build up a fuller picture of each person, we have researched various information sources including the Commonwealth War Graves Commission web site together various genealogy and census web sites.

Our initial findings for the 227 names on the St Michael's Church memorial were published in November 2014 to coincide with Remembrance Sunday on November 9th.

We now appeal for help from members of the public who may be related to some of the men recorded on the War Memorial. It may be that you could provide us with more detailed information about your ancestor, perhaps even a photo. Do get in touch with us, we'd be very pleased to hear from you.

To do so, just click on the Contact Tab opposite. Thank you.

Surname/rank Christian name/initials UNIT
Abbott, Pvt. T E; Loyal North Lanc's
Agnew, Sgt. F J; RGA
Airey, Stkr S W; HMS Monmouth
Andrews, Pvt O N; East York's Regt
Ashton, Gnr F J; RFA
Atherton, Sgt G H; South Wales Borderers
Austin, Pvt J W; Coldstream Guards
Avery, Pvt Percy; Scots Guards
Bagnal,l Gnr L J; HMS Defence
Bailey, Pvt Chas; KLR
Banks, Farrier G; RFA
Banks, Pvt Thos Loyal; North Lancs
Banks, Rfl T O; KLR
Banks, Pvt W; Loyal North Lanc's
Barlow, Pvt A J ; KLR
Bason, Pvt Henry; RFA
Bateman, Engnr A J ; SS Highland Harris
Bebbington, L/Cpl G A; KLR
Beresford, Pvt Jas; Manchester Regt
Birkenhead, Pvt Chas; KLR
Birkenhead, Pvt Thos ; KLR
Birtles, Bdr J F; RFA
Bloom, Pvt A; KSLI
Bright, Pvt Jas; Highland Light Infantry
Brown, Stkr Alf; HMS Sandhurst
Brown, Pvt John; RASC
Buckley, Pvt L ; KLR
Burgess, Pvt Jos ; Lanc's Fusiliers
Burgess, Gnr W W ; RHA
Burrows ,Stwrd F ; SS Lusitania
Burrows, Sailor A H; SS Zent
Carter, Bdr John; RFA
Charmer, Pvt Edwd; Cheshire Regt
Christie, Lt L W; Royal Indian Marine
Churmes, Sgt Albt; RFA
Churms, Pvt J W; KLR
Clay, Pvt Richard; North Staffs Regt
Colbeck, Sglr Percy; HMS Hampshire
Connolly, Pvt R W; North Staffs Regt
Corfe, MM Pvt Samuel; Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Croft, Pvt H; 4th Dragoon Guards
Davey, Pvt Wlm; South Lanc's Regt
Davies, Pvt E D; King's Own Royal Lanc's
Davies, Pvt W O; KLR
Davies, Spr A; RE
Dawes, Pvt Henry V; Dragoon Guards
Dodd, L/Cpl E ; KLR
Dodd, Lt JAS ; Lanc's Fusiliers
Dodson, Pvt Henry; Royal Scots Fusiliers
Donally, Pvt H H; Lanc's Fusiliers
Downes, Lt H L; KLR
Dunbavin, Pvt Richard; Transportation Corps
Dunbavin, Pvt Thomas ; Lanc's Fusiliers
Earp, Rfl J H ; KLR
Edwards, Pvt E ; KLR
Edwards, Pvt G E; KLR
Ellis, Pvt, Frederick; KSLI
English, Pvt A; KLR
Farrance, L/Cpl W W ; KLR
Fay, L/Cpl Jas; Cheshire Regt
Fidler, Pvt Wlm C ; Northumberland Fusiliers
Fisher, Pvt Thomas ; KLR
Fletcher, Stkr Benjamin; HMS Ledbury
Freeman, Cpl Wlm E ; West Riding Regt
Gainey, Pvt Charles ; KLR
Gandy, Pvt F ; KLR
Gandy, Pvt Thomas ; KLR
Gardner, Pvt F; Cheshire Regt
George, C/penter F W ; SS Zent
Gerken, Pvt C ; MGC
Gill, Pvt James E ; Lancashire Fusiliers
Gilman, Gnr Ernest ; RFA
Gilman, Cpl Francis ; Royal Highland Regt
Gledhill, Pvt G W ; KLR
Goodall, Pvt H T; KSLI
Goodwill, Pvt D ; KLR
Gornall, L/Cpl J F ; London Regt
Goulding, Dvr Charles ; RFA
Grainger, L/Cpl R ; RMLI
Green, Cpl Charles ; South Lanc's Regt
Grey, DCM Sgt E R ; RFA
Griffiths, Cpl Wlm; RE
Grimes, Sgt J G ; KLR
Grimes, Pvt A F ; KLR
Haddock, 2nd Lt WS ; South Lanc's Regt
Hammond, L/Cpl C G ; Border Regt
Hankinson, Pvt Thomas ; KLR
Harden, Spr T; RE
Harrison, Spr E ; RE
Hesketh, Pvt Joseph E ; RAMC
Hill, Pvt R ; KLR
Hines, Gnr W ; RFA
Hitchmough, L/Cpl James; Loyal North Lanc's
Hodgson, Engr A ; SS G A Savage
Hodgson, Pvt R ; KLR
Holmes, S/Mjr O J ; East Lanc's Regt
Hooley, Pvt Joseph; Manchester Regt
Hornby, Dvr Robert ; RFA
Houghton, AB George ; HMS Hampshire
Houghton, AB T L ; RNVR
Howard, Greaser T ; HMS Louvain
Hudson, Pvt JNO ; KLR
Hughe ,Pvt A ; Lanc's Fusiliers
Hughes, Pvt C M ; KLR
Hulme, Sgt A ; RE
Ireland, Pvt James; Devonshire Regt
Ireland, Pvt Joseph; Lancashire Fusiliers
Ireland, Pvt R; KLR
Jackson, Sgt L ; Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Jeavons, Bdr W C H ; RGA
Jennings, Pvt Daniel; Connaught Rangers
Jones, Pvt Alfred E ; KLR
Jones, Pvt F W; Royal Irish
Kearns, Cpl Thomas; Scots Guards
Keen, Pvt J E; Lanc's Fusiliers
Kehoe, Cpl H ; Lanc's Fusiliers
Kenney, Rfl T J ; KLR
Kewn, Cpl Thomas H ; KLR
Kilshaw, Pvt R ; Lancashire Fusiliers
Kneen, Pvt A ; Canadian Foresters
Lakeland, Stkr James J; HMS Indefatigable
Lawton, Pvt W J; South Lanc's Regt
Leggett, A/Stwd A ; SS Zent
Leggett, Bdr H E; RFA
Lethbridge, Pvt A J ; Warwickshire Regt
Lewis, Fireman John; SS Wakefield
Lewis, Gnr W; RGA
Littler, Gnr W ; RFA
Longhorn, Pvt G H ; RMLI
Lord, Pvt Edward ; KLR
Lowe, Pvt G H; Grenadier Guards
Maher, Pvt Cyril ; KLR
Marshall, Pvt G S ; Manchester Regt
Massingham, Pvt George L; Loyal North Lanc's
McCulloch, Capt R A ; East Surrey Regt
McHugh, Pvt Thomas ; Loyal North Lanc's
McIver, S/Sgt K S ; RAMC
McKenzie, Cpl John; RFA
Melia, Cpl L ; South Lanc's Regt
Mercer, Bdr H M ; RFA
Midghall, Pvt James; Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Milton, Seaman Charles ; SS Zent
Milward, Pvt Joseph ; KLR
Moore, L/Cpl John; KLR
Morris, Pvt E W ; KLR
Morris, Bdr G A ; RFA
Morris, AB V; HMS Mendi
Mullock, Pvt G A ; 1st Northumberland Fusiliers
Newbold, Spr Frank ; RE
Newton, Pvt R A; Manchester Regt
O'Halloran, Pvt Edward ; Lanc's Fusiliers
Oxton, Gnr T L; RFA
Pearce, Cpl R H; RHA
Pendleton, Pvt Robert; Lanc's Fusiliers
Penketh, MM L/Cpl H ; Royal Fusiliers
Plant, Pvt Robert ; South Lanc's Regt
Plumbley, Pvt H ; Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Pollard, Pvt Wlm; Henry KLR
Pritchard, Pvt H F; Cheshire Regt
Prophet, Stkr Allan; HMS Black Prince
Richardson, Seaman S M; SS Frimaine
Roberts, Gnr H ; RGA
Roberts, Pvt Joseph ; KLR
Roberts, Gnr T ; RGA
Roberts, Pvt Samuel ; KLR
Robinson, Pvt Harry ; South Lanc's Regt
Robinson, Pvt Harry; Manchester Regt
Rodgers, Pvt Harry ; Seaforth Highlanders
Rogers, Pvt Harry ; Seaforth Highlanders
Rose, Cpl Geoffrey F ; KLR
Rowson, RSM J J; King's Royal Rifle Corps
Rutchings, Dvr R ; RFA
Rylance, Pvt Henry; Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Sabberton, Pvt E E ; Australian Imperial Forces
Sabberton, 2/M Wlm ; HMS Speeton
Savage, Pvt John ; South Lanc's Regt
Scott, Pvt R J ; Worcester Regt
See, Spr W H ; RE
Sharples, Pvt John ; South Lanc's Regt
Shellard, Pvt Reuban; MGC
Smith, Pvt C H ; KLR
Smith, Pvt J S ; Royal Highland
Smith, Pvt Wlm E ; KLR
Smith, Pvt G A; KLR
Smith, Pvt J J ; KLR
Spencer, Pvt Alf ; Royal Highland
Spencer, L/Cpl R ; Loyal North Lanc's
Steane, Pvt G S; KLR
Stockton, Gnr Sydney ; RFA
Swift, Pvt George; KLR
Talbot, Pvt Henry F ; Canadian Regt
Tann, Rfl John; KLR
Taylforth, Sgt Charles ; South Wales Borderers
Taylforth, Pvt E ; KLR
Taylor, Pvt C ; Cheshire Regt
Taylor, Pvt George ; Royal Fusiliers
Teare, Pvt James; 2nd Royal Warwickshire Regt
Templeton, Stwrd T ; SS M J Craig
Thomas, Stkr J N ; HMS Arabis
Thomas, Fireman Thomas; SS G A Savage
Thompson, Cpl George H; KLR
Tunstall, Deck Boy Wlm; SS Zent
Turner, G ; SS Swanmore
Turner, Pvt Henry; Lanc's Fusiliers
Vickers, Pvt Edward; R AMC
Watson, Pvt Fred; Army Veterinary Corps
Waywell, Pvt Eric ; KLR
Webster, L/Cpl J G ; KL R
Wells, Pvt T D; Rifle Battalion
Westwood, Pvt Isiah; KLR
Westwood, Pvt Wlm H ; Inniskilling Fusiliers
Whiteside, Pvt George ; KLR
Whitfield, L/Cpl C H; Lanc's Fusiliers
Whitfield, Pvt Thomas; KLR
Wignall, Pvt George; Scottish Rifles
Wilkinson, Pvt W ; KLR
Williams, Pvt J C; KLR
Williams, Pvt Wlm; KLR
Williams, Pvt Robert ; Loyal North Lanc's
Wood, Pvt F J ; Canadian Forces
Woodman, Gnr W W ; RGA
Wright, Rfl E S; KLR
Wright, Cpl G E; Australian Imperial Forces
Wyer, Pvt J G; Oxon & Bucks Light Infantry
Wyke, Pvt W E; Hampshire Regt
Young, Pvt Gavin; Lanc's Fusiliers

2. Other War Memorial research

In our study of the St Michael war memorial, it became apparent that many of the names recorded on it were also recorded on other local memorials. It seems that the St Michael's memorial was intended to record the names of all Gartson men who lost their lives and not simply those who belonged to the Church of England. By comparing ghe lists of names, it was found that other memorials often had additional names not found on the St Michael memorial. The results of the research into the other names on the memorial will be reported and published in due course.

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